Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Kenzie. My look for today is a new sweater i got from Forever 21 this weekend. My shoes also Forever 21.
Hey it's Maddy. This is my outfit for today. Im at work so webcam pictures. Anyway, my blue sweater is a no namer. The shirt underneath is Forever 21. The jeans are Paris blues. The wedges are Castaner. The deer necklace is Mossimo or Target. Yah so every thing was bought at their stores except the sweater and wedges. So see ya soon!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Outfit of the day! My shirt is from Forever 21 ( we really like that place). My Shoes are Maddy's also from Forever 21. My Panama Hat is from Target it's Mossimo. My skirt is thrifted. So hope you like it!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Maddy. Just showing you my outfit of the day. My sweater is Forever 21. My skirt is Banana Republic, thrifted. The belt, thrifted. The leopard flats are Stefani Collection also thrifted.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kenzie's New Shoes!!!!

Doc Martens!!! Just came in the mail today! After finally choosing which ones i want...... Tadaaa!!!! They are super light and comfy, kinda of hard to put on. But once there on i love them and don't want to take them off! They are the Doc Martens Airway Re-invented Pascals in Gray

Maddy's Outfit

Ok its Maddy. This is my outfit. I LOVE this jacket i picked up at the consignment shop i work at. The shoes are a bit small but i dont care, the pain goes away after a while.
The striped top is Banana Republic.
The Jacket is Sparkle and Fade.
The flats are Kate Spade.
And the Necklace is from Forever21

Maddie's Outfit That She Wore To Work.Its Very Chic And Cute.

Maddie's Jacket Is From Jcrew, We Love There Stuff But There A Little Pricey for Us.

Maddie Having Fun Jumping In The Air, She Usually Only Puts One Leg In The Air And Leaves The Other Down.So You Have One Of The Privledge,s To Actually See This!This Should Be In A Museum!

Maddie Throwing Leaves Enjoying The Nice Weather!

Maddie's Face When Shes Throwing Leaves In The Air I Thought I Was Just A Funny Pic. I Had To Post It!!! lol

My Outfit I Wore To School Was Really Simple. I Dont Dress Up Really For School There's No Point I Know Im Going To Spill My Lunch All Over Me,For Example today I Spilt Mac and Cheese On My Dress And It Was Just Bad But I Got A Rag And Whiped It Off So Were All Good.

My Dress is New York And Compcany.

This Was My Wolf Necklace I Got From Forever21 Plus My Sweater Is From Forever21

My Shoes (well maddie's shoes but i wear them all the time so im slowly stealing them lol)Are Forever21 I LOVE Them So Much, At The End Of The Day I think She Does An Inspection To Make Sure I Dont Ruin Them, I Have To Take Them Off To Do Everything!

This Is Just Me Having Some Fun I Get Bored During The Day, So Dont Think Im Weird Or Something Well I Guess You Could Say Im A Bit Nuts. But Hey You Got To Love Me A Little Bit.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Check Us Out On

Check Us Out On LookBook If You Click The Pic. Of Lookbook It Will Take You Right There.Our Name Is Kenzie Joe. Or Maddy C. Thank You

This My Outfit For The Day. My Dress Is Forever21

These Are My Bracelets I Wear With Every OutFit I Own I Never Take Them Off.I Even Sleep In Them. I Got Them From My Moms Friend Makes Them.

These Are My NEW Shoes I Got Today I LOVE Them I Got Them at Journeys They Were A Little Expensive But I Love Them!

Maddie Is Wearing A Blue And Black Dress That Is Mossimo By Target

Over Her Dress She Is Wearing A Black Mossimo Vest From Target

She Is Also Wearing Leopard Loafers From Forever21

Then To Top It Of She Is Wearing A Mixed Selection Of Bracelets.Im Not Really Sure Wear She Got Them But I Know One Was From Forever21 And Then Two Were From Charlotte Russe

Sunday, October 23, 2011