Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Summer's A Com'in

 Kenzie got her hair died yesterday! You like?
 Kenzie's Outfit Details-
 Shirt- Forever 21
 Jeans- via Marshalls
 Flats- Steve Madden
 Necklace- Forever 21

Maddy's Outfit Details-
Shirt- Via Marshall's
Pants- Consigned, work
Sandals- Target
Charm Bracelet- American Eagle
Ring- Farmer's market
others- misc.

 Hey everyone! How's is going? Well today's a much prettier day than yesterday which makes for better pictures! Mackenzie and I deiced that maybe we should find some better spots to take pictures, it's just so hard when we have a ugly main road in front of our house and a little yard. We figured we could drive down the road and take pictures next to the water, but it seems it's much easier to just take pictures before you leave the house and your out the door. Maybe a sheet or something, i'm not a hundred percent sure. Any idea's? Let us know!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mondays Monday

Kenzie's outfit details-
Sweater- Thrifted
Loafers- Forever 21

Maddy's outfit details-
Jacket- Kenzie's- Forever 21
Flats- Prada- Thrifted
Button up- Thrifted
Hey everyone! Hope all had a good weekend! I ate cake for a anniversary party! Delicious. Anyway today is super rainy and gross out.  So here's a quick outfit post!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Little Indian

                                                     Outfit Details-
                                                 Clog shirt- Thrifted
                                            Checkered shirt- Forever 21
                                                Vest- Forever 21
                                                Clark's- Thrifted
                                            Sunglasses-  Forever 21
                                                    Belt- Thrifted

Hey! Hope everyone had a good week! This week seemed to go by pretty slow, and I so happy it's finally the weekend! Yesterday we went to Forever 21, and I picked up this vest, a romper and some sunglasses. I love that store. I love all the cheap trendy pieces you can pick! Also yesterday my mom picked me up those Clark's Boots! I was so freakin pumped! I've been looking at a pair online and there so expensive that I held off for a while and forgot about them. But I finally have a pair now! Yay!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fifty People, One Question.

If you haven't seen these videos then you need to watch. It's as simple as that. Taking some time out of your day to watch them is so worth it.
Fifty People, One Question names it's self. Watching these random people express themselves in one little question, it gives you a sense of what they really want. When you see some of them you'll never know what's going to come out of there mouth. That's what I feel makes the video. After I watched them, smile beaming across my face, I had to ask myself the same questions.
Sometimes it's the little things in life that makes your whole day, I hope when your watching these videos you might feel it little like I did afterward!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shoe party!

So tonight Kenzie and I went to a shoe party hosted by my family at the consignment store! It was not as exciting as expected but I did get something pretty amazing! I came a little early to set up and what not when  I saw these bad boys, which happen to in my size!

Oh yes!!! These lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs heels! I've named them my tuxedo shoes! Even my mom got these beauty's too!

Which I may have to borrow sometime!! Haha! 
So cute right? I'm so excited to wear them! 

Maddy's Outfit Details-
Shirt- Thrifted
Button up and Necklace- Forever 21
Skirt- Thrifted
Shoes- Jessica Simpson, Handmedown

Kenzie's Outfit Details-
Shirt- Forever 21
Necklace- Claire's 
Flats- via Ross
Jeans- via Marashall's

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Keepin It Simple

Hey everyone! Not much to say today, so I'm going to keep it simple. Yesterday Kenzie and I went to Goodwill and I picked up this striped top. I love stripes they go with absolutely everything. I feel that they are easy to find to which makes it much easier to have more. One day, after you pick up few, you'll look in your closet and the only thing you will see is stripes. Which has been my life for a while now! 
Outfit Details- 
Striped top- Thrifted
Jeans- Banana Republic, thrifted
Boots- Forever 21
Scarf- Thrifted
Hat- Thrifted 

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hey! Sorry for the little absence, Kenzie and I have been under the weather lately and have not really been  in the mood to even get out of our pj's. Today is much better, no more sickness! Yay!
Outfit details- Jacket- J.crew Tie front blouse- thrifted Cardigan- Banana Republic thrifted Boots and pants- Target Earrings- Borrowed from Kenzie
Kenzie's lovely outfit details- Jacket- Thrifted ( totally loving this jacket) Pants- via Ross Flats- Forever 21