Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Summer's A Com'in

 Kenzie got her hair died yesterday! You like?
 Kenzie's Outfit Details-
 Shirt- Forever 21
 Jeans- via Marshalls
 Flats- Steve Madden
 Necklace- Forever 21

Maddy's Outfit Details-
Shirt- Via Marshall's
Pants- Consigned, work
Sandals- Target
Charm Bracelet- American Eagle
Ring- Farmer's market
others- misc.

 Hey everyone! How's is going? Well today's a much prettier day than yesterday which makes for better pictures! Mackenzie and I deiced that maybe we should find some better spots to take pictures, it's just so hard when we have a ugly main road in front of our house and a little yard. We figured we could drive down the road and take pictures next to the water, but it seems it's much easier to just take pictures before you leave the house and your out the door. Maybe a sheet or something, i'm not a hundred percent sure. Any idea's? Let us know!


  1. You guys look so pretty. I like Kenzie's hair. Lovely <3

  2. love both tops!