Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Outfit I Wore To School Was Really Simple. I Dont Dress Up Really For School There's No Point I Know Im Going To Spill My Lunch All Over Me,For Example today I Spilt Mac and Cheese On My Dress And It Was Just Bad But I Got A Rag And Whiped It Off So Were All Good.

My Dress is New York And Compcany.

This Was My Wolf Necklace I Got From Forever21 Plus My Sweater Is From Forever21

My Shoes (well maddie's shoes but i wear them all the time so im slowly stealing them lol)Are Forever21 I LOVE Them So Much, At The End Of The Day I think She Does An Inspection To Make Sure I Dont Ruin Them, I Have To Take Them Off To Do Everything!

This Is Just Me Having Some Fun I Get Bored During The Day, So Dont Think Im Weird Or Something Well I Guess You Could Say Im A Bit Nuts. But Hey You Got To Love Me A Little Bit.

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