Monday, November 7, 2011

Internet Shopping. Bad Habit.

 Like the title says, internet shopping is a bad habit. I never usually buy clothes on the internet, except shoes, because i feel its a little to risky. But looking at the "new items" or " just in" all you want to do is click that button. Why? If the thoughts of 'Oh, you know i do need a....' or 'You know those would look great with my....' don't run through your brain, maybe its the brightly illuminated writing that brings you in. I don't know about you, but it works on me. I searched some sites tonight and found some things i want and now i'm sharing them with you!
- This is just so pretty! Maybe pairing it with a pair of oxfords. Dress
- I want so unbelievably bad! Leopard Boots
- A little tribute to 'That 70's Show' Burn!
- I have a very strong attraction to these Frame
- Come on, amazing. Roller Skater
- Maybe these are what people use on undercover mystery shows? Who's that?
  and last but not least,
- We all know you secretly want to try it. Autotuneitup!

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