Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stuff you probably wont find exciting

Hi! The title is alluring, right? Well, I'm not just going to write something you don't wanna hear. But, I do want to tell something that I may only find exciting. I was looking on the computer for "cheap dessert boots" and I saw there were some, I clicked the link. I started looking at the website some more and I realized the site was made in my hometown, and most the girls who wrote the posts were from where I live. I started to realize that the Kmart, Target and the boutiques that they were talking about were right around the corner from me! So tomorrow I going to go look around and see if they have my dessert boots! lol! So my point I guess is that if you keep looking you may get lucky and realize that they do have your boots in stock! - Maddy
Here's the website.
boots i clicked to get me there

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