Friday, December 23, 2011

A day out

Hello! We wanted to start putting more posts on here of things other than our outfits and such. So here's what we did the other day with our friends. Well first we went to my aunt's consignment store and dressed up after hours. We started dress up like crazy gangsta grannys. Oh yah. Then we went downtown and got our hands waxed. No not the hair on our hands taken off. They make your hand into a wax mold. It's pretty cool, and pretty cheap. It came to about $10 a hand and it's a neat thing to do if your bored and deiced to spend 2 hours waiting in line. haha.
we also bought fake teeth
and glasses this dress had a pouch in it and had no purpose  at all but for swaddling a fake baby
the line- each person had to get a hand. and then they all did one together. took forever

i have no idea

Our hands!

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