Friday, December 9, 2011

Inspired By... The 60's

Hey! It's Maddy, I love making these Inspired by post! But anyway today i'm loving the 60's. The simplicity of clothes, the classics. I found a lot of the dresses on this site i found called Ruche. They have really cute dresses for a really reasonable price! I love a lot of there stuff!

From the pictures I saw online, the women wore a lot of knee high socks. Which I think the influence is coming back.
Dress- Ruche
Knee highs- Forever 21
Flats- Urban Outfitters

This is were the simple dresses and shoes comes in. I love this outfit. The picture, this has to be my favorite. Hands down.
Dress- Ruche
Shoes-Chang Yong

The accessories are really important to the look. The big frames are kind the focal point to the look. The jackets add that classy touch.
Jacket- asos
Sunglasses- Modcloth

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