Thursday, January 12, 2012

D.I.Y Branch hair clip!

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share with you a little project! A branch head clip or head peace whatever you want to call it! It's super easy and only takes like 20 mins! I saw one and it cost like $200 mine cost $5!
Things you need- Hot glue, something to cut with ( I used some pliers from bead kit!), bobby pins,
paint, and some stem wire

1st step- Take the stem wires and cut them down to the size you want the size of your head clip to be
Step 2- Bend the wire so it looks more like a branch
Step 3- Glue the stems together. Make sure you hold them for minute, so there on pretty tight.

Step 4- Glue the bobby pins on. Glue them diagonally.
Step 5- Put some more glue along the branch. To give it more texture.
Step 6- Paint it one color, to make sure everything blends. I only paint the first parts of the bobby pins, just so you can't see the change in color.
Step 7- Let it dry and wear it!
Let me know if you liked it! Thanks Maddy!

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