Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's a Bow-tiful day!

Hi Ya! Kenzie and Maddy here today! Today it's so gross outside. It's rainy and wet and cloudy and just plain nasty. So sorry for the funny pictures. Ok so a very nice family member got my sister and I Forever 21 gift cards! Yah! Awesome! So yesterday we went shopping! We both got quite a few things. So what we really want to say is, Thank you, Thank you and last but not least, Thank you very sweet family member!

Kenzie is wearing-
Forever 21 button up
Forever 21 heart glasses
Forever 21 suspenders
Converse sneakers
Pants via Marshalls
Bow tie self made

Maddy is wearing-
Forever 21 dress
Forever 21 hat
J.crew sweater
Kate Spade flats

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