Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pretty Pins...Pastels

Happy Sunday everyone! Today's Pretty Pins is all about pretty pastels! They can be totally versatile. That's why I love them! I'm really loving the pastel hair, and shoes! I hope you enjoy these pins!
Is this real? Because if it is, i'm going.

Oh my, I have nothing but love for these! I need these!

This girl did a great job at pairing these colors together!

I'm not a big fan of colored jeans because I find them hard to pull off. But these are such a pretty color I would risk it!

This is just a pretty farris wheel!

Just watched 'The Notebook' and I adore that movie and her, I wish she still had pink hair it looks so darn cute!

I really wanna learn how to make fringe like this. I would hang it everywhere, so it looks like a party all the time! haha!

I hope you like these pins, you can find them here on my Pinterest board. Follow me!


  1. Her hair looks so cute with the pink! IT makes me want to dye my hair!

    1. Doesn't it? Every time I look at that picture I want to dye it! She's adorable!