Sunday, February 5, 2012

Inspired By...Emma Stone

Who's my new favorite adorkable actress? Emma Stone. She's so funny and quirky and I just love her! She looks better than ever and I love red headed Emma better than blonde Emma. She has a hot bf Andrew Garfield. And she looks amazing in this old Glamour magazine cover! I just wanted to show you a similar outfit to hers so you can get the look!

Cardigan- Target
Shorts- Etsy
Heels- Modcloth


  1. I adore Emma Stone, and I love, love this cute little outfit. I NEED to get some cute floral shorts, off to check out the ones on Etsy. Hope your week is lovely. xo veronika

    1. Shes so great! haha!And Yes Etsy has a lot of floral shorts and I adore all of them!Thanks Veronica

  2. Those shorts are so lovely! Your blog is cute this way :) I like this outfit!
    Thanks for being so sweet!