Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jason Wu for Target 2 days early!!!!

So guess who got a Jason Wu for Target dress 2 days early???? That's right, me! How did this happen, you ask? Well here in Nowhere town our Target is as dumb as a box of rocks. Well partly so am I. Yesterday February 3 2012, I thought Jason Wu for Target came out. I was at Target a 8 o'clock a.m. I thought to myself "  Wow. No one's here for this? Just me? Cool." I went in felt like I needed to be running to the clothes, really I just walked.  Because it was only my mom, sister ,aunt and I walking toward the clothes. Well anyway, we went searching for the goodies and found none. Then we realized it was on the 5th the clothes came out. "Crap." I thought to myself. So we ended up just browsing  and that's when i saw them! A giant rack filled with dresses, shirts , skirts and etc.! I called my family over and we grabbed the clothes and gazed at their beauty! We thought  'OK it does come out today!' We went over to the purse section and found baskets filled with unwrapped Jason Wu purses and scarves. So what did we do? We unwrapped them ourselves! We thought, 'Oh, they haven't had time to unwrap them with the remodeling and all so we will help them!' We piled up on scarves, clutches and totes and headed toward the dressing room. I tried on the pink and yellow dress and also the black and white circle one with the little collar. I ended up loving the black and white and had plans to buy it. Before we left and everyone had planned on buying one or two items, my mom and aunt wanted to check out the scarves one more time. My mom had been trying one on and a employee halted to a complete stop and quickly gasped saying, " Oh you can't buy those! Who put these out here?! These scarves are not allowed to be sold till Sunday! Blah, blah blah." I asked something like " Can I keep this dress on hold then till Sunday?" The employee 'Bethany' said, " No, we can only hold for 24 hours." So My aunt, mom, sister and I put down our purses, scarves ,and totes. But there was one thing I was not going to let go. My dress. I took off my hanger fold the dress in my arms and quickly walked over to the register and paid. Best $42 of my life! Would you say it's illegal? I say no. It's their fault for putting them on the floor so every fashion obsessed teenager can see! So this ones for you Bethany, now I have Jason Wu for Target dress 2 days early! No one will every be just as mean as you were that day over a dress. Thank you.
Yours truly,

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