Sunday, February 12, 2012


Yes Florida. I get it. You want to change the weather drastically over night. Not just a little drastic, no. Yesterday you wanted to be 65-70' and today you want to be 40 and windy! Why? Who knows. But I guess I could thank you. I could thank you for the option of layering, the lovely wearing of boots and jackets and the way you feel you may need some coco. I do like that about you. Thanks Florida weather!

So Kendi Every Day inspired this outfit with one of her usually adorable outfits! 
Outfit details- 
Jacket- Gap
Cardigan- Ann Taylor 
Boots- Target
Boots were bought at Target everything else was thrifted


  1. That's such a cute dress! I love the colors and you have such pretty hair!

  2. thanks for leaving love on my blog; you're too sweet. i'm loving this outfit on you! love the print of the dress~


  3. im loving the new lauren moffatt line too!