Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's retry, shall we?

It's Friday ya'll! Today Kenzie and I wanted to show you our outfits today. Kenzie wanted to show you her new suspenders she bought at a boutique downtown. She got them for only $12 , and she's in love with them! Here they are.

Kenzie's outfit-
Elephant Shirt- Forever 21
Floral Oxfords- Forever 21
Jeans- Via Ross
Suspenders- no name

Maddy's Outfit-
Shirt- Thrifted
Jeans- Via. Ross
Leopard Flats- Thrifted


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment darlings! You are both adorable. Absolutely loving your shoes to pieces...floral, leopard, both gorgeous. Those suspenders are so precious:)

  2. You both look so cute!! I'm loving Kenzie's floral suspenders (who knew those even existed?!) and those quirky floral shoes are adorbs! :D

    Maddy, your leo flats are darling! I love that they could go with pretty much any outfit. And I love your hair!

  3. Suspenders are the best! So are leopard print flats!