Thursday, February 9, 2012

Madewell Is Stinkin Adorable! part 2

OK so yesterday I posted some of Madewell's  lookbook, but there's more. Yes. Even more adorableness! The ones i'm going to show you are brighter colors and maybe for a tad bit warmer weather! So here they are!

  • Left- This simple look is perfect for all the time and that's why I love it! It's one of those no fail outfits and who doesn't love that? 
  • Right- On my list of things to look for is a denim shirt. So if you find a good one let me know and leave a comment!

  • 1st look from left- I love the mix of this. I think I especially like the scarf!
  • 2 nd look- This to me is a lesser version of color blocking. I think  the stripes break it up, I just love this!
  • 3 rd- I saw a similar dress like this in Target they had about 4 different prints. I especially liked one that was peach and had a orange and white braided belt, it was adorable! 
I hoped you like my little Madewell installment. I just had to tell someone how my  love for Madewell has grown. If you go to you'll understand too!


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