Sunday, April 22, 2012

Derm Organic

I have a new obsession. First off, let me tell you about my hair. I have straight, long, not thick, not thin, but mostly dry hair. Mainly because I don't brush my hair but maybe twice a day. I don't like brushing my hair. I brush in the morning and right before I go to bed. It's bad but, I have a pretty sensitive head, so I just don't do it. Since I don't brush my hair, that leads to it being dry. And since it's dry it breaks easily. Which is the one thing I can't stand with my hair, breakage. Well my aunt went to Marshall's one day and found the DermOrganics leave-in treatment, used it loved it went to 3 different Marshall's just to buy about 5 more bottles! She loved it! Well she got my mom to try it, my mom made me try it and now I'm in love! Seriously after just 3 days my hair has no breakage, it's extremely soft, and it's not so tangley! I'm so excited I had to tell you! It's totally worth the money! Seriously, from the words of Rico from the movie 'Hot Rod', "I'm freakin PUMPED!!"


  1. I love this stuff all sulfate free it's amazing been loving it for about a month know

  2. thanks for dropping by my blog! yours is a cute one....and how nice to share it as sisters. i have two sisters who i miss lots.